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APR 24th @ 12PM EST


Heather Long, Director of Partnerships

Curious about how InnerSpace works for you? Bring your questions! We'll answer them live for you.


LIVE DEMO with Q&A Led by

Joe Draganic, Global Manager of Strategic Alliances

(Banking and FinServe Focus)

Curious about how InnerSpace works for you? Bring your questions! We'll answer them live for you.

your questions about our platform answered

Join the InnerSpace team as we provide a full overview of our space utilization platform.  

During this no-pressure 30 minutes session, we will dive into:

  • How our platform works and our proprietary Wi-Fi solution
  • Provide and overview of how our platform is providing valuable insights around employee productivity, sustainability and operational efficiency as well as cost savings opportunities through accurate, private and comprehensive workplace analytics
  • Walk you through some of our primary insights and our client dashboard  the platform provides and how this can help you make data informed decisions about your workplace
  • An opportunity for you to ask questions and discover if InnerSpace is right for you
InnerSpace platform



Space utilization data has a direct role in detecting and mitigating wasteful occupant behavior.  Many of our clients have set meaningful  sustainability goals that aim to reduce reliance on finite resources and reduce waste and overall carbon footprint.

We helped one of our clients reduce energy consumption by up to 35% by providing valuable insights to inform automated building systems like lighting and HVAC in unoccupied and lightly occupied spaces.

Are you looking for ways to meaningfully reduce your consumption and overall waste across your organization? 

 InnerSpace can help!

Employee Experience

As employees return to the office full time or in a hybrid capacity, it is important to understand what their needs are, what their role demands are and how you can create a compelling reason to come to the office. 

Understanding how your employees are navigating  and using your space, then making changes to improve how much time it takes to go from one place to the other means creating a more productive, efficient and enjoyable employee experience.

Accurate, private and insightful data can inform important decisions like workspace layout, ensuring a high performing floor plan that meets and exceeds the needs of your employees and your business.   

InnerSpace can help!

Cost Savings And Operational Efficiencies

What are the inefficiencies and lack of data around energy consumption and efficiency costing your business? 

How much of your energy consumption is going towards office space that has little to no utilization or daily use? 

For many of our clients, our data insights have informed drastic cost savings through finding efficiencies in heating and cooling underutilized spaces or more complex approaches, such as predictive control and group-based customizations to achieve energy savings without compromising occupant comfort. 

InnerSpace can help!

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The magic of InnerSpace

A Fortune 100 technology company thought they wouldn’t have enough space if they consolidated their two buildings but….

Leveraging our insights, they optimized the seating plan, converted meeting rooms, and matched employee preferences. The result? A remarkable 20% increase in productivity, leading to annual cost savings of $916,000. This successful consolidation demonstrated the feasibility of data-driven workspace optimization and its potential for significant cost savings and productivity gains.