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$916,000 saved, 20% productivity increase

Our Client: An American multinational technology corporation
The Challenge: A plan to consolidate two office buildings, aimed at reducing real estate costs
Our Solution: Leveraging our superior workplace data, we conducted a comprehensive analysis. Our findings revealed that the larger building had ample space to accommodate the additional staff.

Using a data-driven approach and leveraging our insights, our Fortune 100 client optimized the seating plan, converted meeting rooms, and matched employee preferences. The result? A remarkable 20% increase in productivity, leading to annual cost savings of $916,000. This successful consolidation demonstrated the feasibility of data-driven workspace optimization and its potential for significant cost savings and productivity gains.

Collecting occupancy data is table stakes 

Superior space utilization insights that transform your workplace is InnerSpace 

The first step is to gain a clear understanding of how your teams use the workplace in order to successfully adapt it to the new ways of work.

Our innovative workplace intelligence redefines how organizations create radically functional workplaces that drive productivity, efficiency and better overall employee experience. 


"I spent two years scouting the globe for technology and didn’t find any product that could support our scale and provide me with the data I need – until I found InnerSpace. I love the team and I have big plans for their product."
- Humza Teherany, Chief Digital Officer, MLSE
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